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New Site, New Blog...

Anybody that's emailed us over the last year or so, will know that we've been trying to get a little online shop off the ground for a while now. it is.  We're starting small and keeping things tight, just to see how it goes.  We've got a small stock of colours and materials that you won't find anywhere else.  Numbers are limited, so if you see something you like, get in there quick. 

We'll blog a bit more regularly than before, with stuff we're into, some music and some sneaky peeks of upcoming footwear.

Any feedback on the site would be greatly appreciated, just drop me a line...

March 21, 2014 by Danny Willis


Chris Ivins

Chris Ivins said:

Hi Danny, the site looks great, well worth the wait. Just a quick question on sizing, I have two pairs of NC shoes in size 11, the second pair also says EU 45. I was just wondering if this year’s EU 45 is still the same as last year’s UK 11 – EU 45, because when I buy EU sizes I usually get EU 46. Also, can I by both sizes to try and send one back for a refund?


Chris Ivins

Chris Ivins said:

Hi Danny, Wow, I think I may have just placed your first order (#1001)! Checkout worked great, the only thing you need is a ‘Return to Homepage’ button after you’ve paid, because once you have you’re kind of at a dead end. Anyway thanks for getting the site going, and all best,

Chris Ivins


Ali said:

Hi Danny,

Navy Countryman looks nice.

I am wearing mine(original coloured) with great care.

I would also love to renew my dalesman shoe.Are you planning to make them?
It would be great if you did.Please do.

The site looks great.It would be even better if you had the Dalesman shoe:)

Including a ’’contact’’ section with email and maybe phone number would be nice.

Hope it goes well.

All the best

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