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Trail Shoe - Tan Leather


Brand Native Craftworks

Our Trail Shoe is built from the inside out.

The thick leather or suede upper is cut by hand, stitched using traditional machines, then lasted by hand.

The crepe sole is cut by hand ready to attach to the lasted upper.

The upper and sole are then wrapped around a lightweight footbed and hand-sewn together, using 1mm thick waxed nylon thread for strength.

Leather facing panels help to re-inforce the eyelet area, a bellows tongue helps to keep the dirt out and the shoes are fastened with thick rawhide leather laces, which are also cut by hand.

Each pair takes around 4 hours to make.

- Premium Suede upper
- Hand Cut
- Hand Lasted
- Soft PU footbed
- Natural Crepe Sole
- Handsewn Construction
- Rawhide Leather Laces